Monday, 24 January 2011

My Sincere Apologies.

My sincere apologies to those who relied on me but then didn’t find me responsible enough to fulfill their reliability.
My apologies to those who expected more out of me but I didn’t meet their expectations.
My apologies to those who expected to be treated better, but didn’t find my treatment good enough.
Now, I never asked or told any living creature in the world that they can rely on me. Relying on me is your personal choice and I’m not responsible for the choices you make. If I told you to rely on me or if I promised you, then it’s a whole different deal. I hardly hold myself responsible for my own actions. Never been the responsible type be it in family matters, relationship or friendship. Of course I try to play my role, but if you get disappointed don’t hold me responsible. You can rely on me but don’t expect me to be responsible.

To those who expect more from me, why do you expect? Expectations kill the fun and the moment & great things happen when they are least expected. Everyone’s got their own gig going on, so do I. So I’d rather do my gig instead of making people happy by meeting their expectations. Giving is good, but giving without keeping anything for yourself is insane.
Of course, making people happy is a good thing, I like it. But who keeps their important issues aside and go out to make others happy? I’m no Mother Teresa. If you go to see, even Mother Teresa did what she wanted to do, everything on her own will, she did what made her happy and I’m doing what makes me happy and content, it may involve you or may not. So stop being a little Barbie and grow up.

Now for those who expect special treatment. Why? Are you a handicap? Physically or mentally challenged? What make you so special? You are just like any other normal human. Why expect special treatment of anybody? I treat everyone equal or say I treat everyone how they are suppose to be treated. I don’t treat people badly, do I? Everyone’s got their place in other’s heart and mind, and is treated accordingly. You can’t expect a lion not to eat you just coz you are a vegetarian. So you don’t always get what you give. You do your part without expecting anything in return.

If people are still feeling bad, you know what to do.

Note: this post is not directed towards anybody. It’s just something that came to my mind. If you feel that it’s directed towards you, that means you rely on me, you expect from me and you expect special treatment from me.
If you still feel this post is directed towards you, then please fill in the complaints & suggestions form and use it when you run out of water.

Adios people.


  1. haha ... nice one ashraf .... i always wonder ... how do u write these blogs ... i mean i've tried n the moment i start writing ... i head goes blank ... :D .. good keep it up ...

  2. thanks:) i really don't think i'm that good of a writer. On a friend's advice.. i just write down my thought's.. that's it:)

  3. asyyy,,,super philo and all... appka apna reliable raincoat. hahahah good stuff assy :)