Monday, 24 January 2011

My Sincere Apologies.

My sincere apologies to those who relied on me but then didn’t find me responsible enough to fulfill their reliability.
My apologies to those who expected more out of me but I didn’t meet their expectations.
My apologies to those who expected to be treated better, but didn’t find my treatment good enough.
Now, I never asked or told any living creature in the world that they can rely on me. Relying on me is your personal choice and I’m not responsible for the choices you make. If I told you to rely on me or if I promised you, then it’s a whole different deal. I hardly hold myself responsible for my own actions. Never been the responsible type be it in family matters, relationship or friendship. Of course I try to play my role, but if you get disappointed don’t hold me responsible. You can rely on me but don’t expect me to be responsible.

To those who expect more from me, why do you expect? Expectations kill the fun and the moment & great things happen when they are least expected. Everyone’s got their own gig going on, so do I. So I’d rather do my gig instead of making people happy by meeting their expectations. Giving is good, but giving without keeping anything for yourself is insane.
Of course, making people happy is a good thing, I like it. But who keeps their important issues aside and go out to make others happy? I’m no Mother Teresa. If you go to see, even Mother Teresa did what she wanted to do, everything on her own will, she did what made her happy and I’m doing what makes me happy and content, it may involve you or may not. So stop being a little Barbie and grow up.

Now for those who expect special treatment. Why? Are you a handicap? Physically or mentally challenged? What make you so special? You are just like any other normal human. Why expect special treatment of anybody? I treat everyone equal or say I treat everyone how they are suppose to be treated. I don’t treat people badly, do I? Everyone’s got their place in other’s heart and mind, and is treated accordingly. You can’t expect a lion not to eat you just coz you are a vegetarian. So you don’t always get what you give. You do your part without expecting anything in return.

If people are still feeling bad, you know what to do.

Note: this post is not directed towards anybody. It’s just something that came to my mind. If you feel that it’s directed towards you, that means you rely on me, you expect from me and you expect special treatment from me.
If you still feel this post is directed towards you, then please fill in the complaints & suggestions form and use it when you run out of water.

Adios people.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hala Hala Febrayer!!!

Hala Febrayer (Hala February) is an annual event that takes place in Kuwait during the spring time, February, every year.
Spring time, when the country is suppose to be full of greenery, Flowers & beautiful weather. Lame, the country hardly gets any rain, hence, there is minimal greenery, flowers are a rare site, and I don’t remember seeing any in a long time. The only thing good is the weather, it’s kinda cold, occasionally very cold. This is the only time when you can practically get out of your houses in the afternoon without worrying about the 50 centigrade heat outside.

They say that this festive season is a touristic attraction. Believe me people, this is no Dubai Festival or Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I hardly see any tourists around. There is nothing extra ordinary happening other than on 25th & 26th Feb(National and Liberation Days), when people go wild, the gulf street is packed, traffic is at its worse and celebration means spraying foam at others(strangers) and dancing on the streets for the music blasting out of their car stereo and of course for some Kuwaitis 25th & 26th Feb has nothing to do with patriotism, it’s the time to visit Dubai or Lebanon and Disco.

However, the Govt has been trying to persuade the nationals not to flee this year as the country marks it 50th National day. 20th Liberation day and 5th year anniversary of Sheikh Sabah’s assumption of office.
Therefore, his highness the Amir(King) Sheikh Sabah has passed an order to grant every Kuwaiti National, a gift of KD 1,000 (US$ 3,500app, Rs 161,000app) and free food ration for 14 months(free food for people who are born rich).

There are approximately 1.12 Million Kuwaiti nationals which makes the total gift come up to KD1,120,000,000 (US$ 3,964,601,780 or Rs. 181,293,068,463.49). I know you probably are wondering what has our govt given us after 64yrs of independence. Imagine what you would do with that kind of money.

I’ve seen a lot of discussions since the announcement. Some say the money should have been used for a good cause, some are just jealous (like me) & some say why only to nationals(including me:p)? Why not to us?
Well I know 99% of the Kuwaitis are just gonna waste the money on a new phone or a vacation. But there’ll be that 1% who will put it to good use.

I wish I got that kind of money as a gift. I’d make a quick trip to India. Anyways I haven’t ever won housie in my life, where am I gonna get the luck to get free rewards like these.

Congrats to all the Kuwaitis and sympathies to those who wish even they got something.

BTW, wish you all Hala Hala Febrayer well in advance :).

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Quick Update

First of all Happy New Year to everybody.

It’s been almost 2 years since I last blogged. Not that I didn’t have anything to write.
I thought of it. At times I couldn’t find the time and at times I was just not up for it.

2010 has been a great year for me. A lot of ups & few downs, hell lot changes and transitions.
A lot of positives to take out of it. From being in a relationship,
Getting the driver’s license (trust me it’s not easy where I live), a new job to getting my first four wheeler (not a Ferrari but it serves my purpose ;)) a lot of great things have happened in the last year. And I hope if not better then at least this year remains as close as possible to 2010.

Born in 1984 doesn’t feel young and refreshing anymore like it did 5 years ago.
And 18 till I die just sound lame now.
I know the time is ticking and I’m slowly but steadily heading to where I want to be.
I’m still in the tunnel and it’s pretty dark in here, but I’m certain that the end is near, coz it’s getting brighter and brighter with every step that I take.

Let’s hope 2011 brings a lot of joy to our life’s.
Hoping to continue blogging now .