Sunday, 3 April 2011


Wearing the Indian Jersey, I went to my friends house where me and the gang were to witness the historic final between India and Sri Lanka.

The term 'heart in the mouth' would fit perfectly to our expressions when Sehwag got out for 0 and then soon Sachin followed him to the pavillion chasing a mammoth target of 275 for victory. What followed then was sheer brilliance by Kohli, Gambhir, Yuvraj and the mastermind MS Dhoni.

A perfect script to a perfect final. Finally after a long wait of 28 years the crown is home.

The journey wasn't easy from the begining, put in a group with Ashes champions, the Solid South Africa, Unpredictable Windies and Bangladesh & Ireland in the Weak teams list who on their day would make any team in the world sweat for every single run.

It was in the Knockout stages, when the Team India turned in to a Giant Killing mode. Knocking out the 3 time World Champs Australia out first, and then the Arch Rivals Pakistan next and then the mighty Sri Lankans in the finals.

Truly, a well deserved title for Team India and all the Indians. Tears of Joy in the eyes of Yuvraj & Bhajji summed it up what it meant for them, for the team and for the country.

We won it for Sachin, was the common phrase in every players tongue. One would think why Sachin? But no one could have put it in simple words more than the Young gun Virat Kohli.'He (Sachin) has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, it was time we carried him.' he said when some one asked about the teammembers carrying Sachin on their shoulders after the historic triumph.

The truth, not only team India, but the whole nation and every single fan of Indian Cricket wanted them to win the title for Sachin, Who has almost all the batting records in the world to his name but was missing a world champion title to his CV.

The celebrations lasted for about 4 hrs on the streets of Kuwait. People dancing to the beats of Dhol, honking horns, 7up and sprite replacing champagne(since alcohol is banned here), fireworks... for a while it felt like we were in India. However, the celebrations might have ended in the streets, but will last for a long long time it our hearts and minds.
The highlight of the whole celebration was the whole battalion singing the Indian National anthem on the streets of Kuwait. It felt like home.

The next time someone asks who are we... the answer certainly will be - "We Are The CHAMPIONS."

Jai Ho!!! Vande Mataram and Proud to be an Indian. BLEED BLUE!

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