Sunday, 22 March 2009

Thought on Relationship Failures.

I remember reading a saying somewhere which said its strange how 2 strangers become friends, & then best friends, then lovers, n then go back to becoming strangers again.
For a lucky few these words might sound a lie coz they are happily married to the once stranger. But for most of us these mere words strike right where it’s meant to strike. And it pains like hell. No matter how much u say or believe that you’ve moved on but you never move on to an extent when the other’s presence doesn’t affect you. At such times even time fails to heal your wounds.

No matter in what circumstances you became apart, (Parents, religion, society, betrayel, misunderstanding), no matter what, a glimpse of the other person brings all those memories right back on your face & with memories brings back all the pain & suffering. With today’s technology it’s not important for someone to be physically present to make us feel their presence. With internet and social networking sites you are everywhere, every time which makes moving on even harder. You tend to come across them every now n then.

At times I don’t understand the human mentality. I’ve come across dozen’s of people whose been dumped & betrayed and they still keep on crying for the one who betrayed them while the betrayer is having a good time. And the worse part is they know you are sad & broken but still they wouldn’t care & take pleasure out of it. They say you are still their friend and they would keep coming on to your face every now n then just to make you realize that you are not good enough for them & like fools you show them that you are broken without realizing the fact that they are just there to rub salt on your wounds. Why would you cry for someone who’s betrayed you? Why would you cry for loosing someone who never or at least now doesn’t love you? Why would you cry for someone who doesn’t need you? Shouldn’t it be the opposite way? The one who betrayed is on the losing side coz he/she lost someone who loved them. I guess none of us have the answers coz we are human. It’s just the human mindset. It’s just that God has designed us to be emotional fools. It’s a feeling that even your best efforts aren’t good enough to win the other.

Actually we all go through this at least once in a life time. We love, we fail, we fall, we stand and then we move on. And then you come across them, then the memories come and then yet another fall and another stand. With time you learn to live with it. And then comes a time when they come and you stand strong. You suppress the pain and show them that it doesn’t really matter if he/she is there or not life still goes on. Then you don’t meet often, you don’t check their social networking profiles anymore and then with time you become almost strangers.

I know this is not all about relationship failures but I also know that majority of us can relate to this.


  1. Walla Nice bro ;))
    I Like what u write :))

  2. Ash!! I empathise with the every painful sentiment that may/may not be attached to this one, but yeah, I can tell you....Its a world of truth in all of that written.....

  3. hehe.....i just wrote keeping myself on my frnds place ;)

  4. well ashraf whtever u wrote is true specially dis one "Why would you cry for someone who doesn’t need you? Shouldn’t it be the opposite way? " dis like my.... mymaaan....its shd be alwys opposite...the person shd feel sorry for not having a person like us....

  5. well cant comment on this one much thought ...but the saying every cloud has a silver lining ...every relationship that ends always for the better...maybe its not meant to be.......and anyways u should always be happy that you have lost som1 who maybe never cared for you....but that som1 has lost you who ...a person who might have or would have loved him/her for a life time :D

  6. very well written assy :) write more often :)
    its a good way to pen down yr thoughts ...

  7. 11 comments !! not bad monsieur !!!! way to go..

  8. ..True!! word 4 word.. well put.